What makes our Mathilde breeches special?

As a rider, it's important to have the right gear to achieve the highest level of performance and comfort. One of the most important parts of your riding gear is your breeches, and this is where Éponine Equestrian's breeches really stand out.

One of the best features of these breeches is the four-way stretch material they're made of. This material gives you maximum fit, freedom of movement, and flexibility, meaning you can focus entirely on your riding and not worry about any limitations from your pants. At the same time, these breeches conform to your body shape. Additionally, these breeches are fully silicon-grip seat, which provides extra grip and stability in the saddle.

Another advantage of these breeches is the high waist with three buttons and zipper. This not only gives a stylish and elegant look but also helps to keep the pants in place and provides extra support for your body while riding. You don't have to worry about your pants slipping down or chafing, instead, you can fully focus on your riding.

When it comes to style and design, these breeches really have it all. They come in several different colors and sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your personal style, body, and taste. The zip-pocket on the right leg is also a perfect place to hold your, phone, keys or wallet, without the risk of them falling out and getting lost.

Finally, it's worth mentioning how comfortable these breeches are. They're made of high-quality material that's soft and supple against the skin, providing a high level of comfort. You can ride for hours without feeling uncomfortable or stiff.

In summary, Éponine Equestrian breeches are the best choice for any rider seeking a combination of four-way stretch material, full silicon-grip seat, high waist, stylish design, and superior comfort.


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